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This page is a work in progress, there are large amounts of content yet to be written.


FiveYellowMice is a human being born and living on planet Earth. Contrary to common belief, it does not exist in mouse form in real life, its number is also 1 rather than 5. The name FiveYellowMice was created by its random thought on a certain day in the 2010s, from the need of creating an online account while not using its real name.

FiveYellowMice was born in late-20th-century China. As of 2020, it is studying network engineering in a college in Melbourne.

In most settings, FiveYellowMice is referred to by the pronoun "he" or "him", but it is also comfortable being referred to as "she", "her", "it", "they" and "them", unless it creates ambiguity, or used as an offence. See the Politics section on its view about gender.

FiveYellowMice owns 2 seperate blogs, which it attempts to write articles on one of them when it receives impulses to write:

  1. FiveYellowMice's Blog
    Primary blog for posting more serious contents. FiveYellowMice was once keen on expressing its own naive opinions here, but later receded this behavior as it learned that it is not qualified to talk on topics it does not have expertise in.
    The reason above, combined with FiveYellowMice's growing desire for better quality on its own articles (in efforts spent, depth, utility), and shifted focus in life, caused a decline in the appearance of its inspiration, the finish ratio of its drafts, and thus impacted the amount of article posted. There have been a number of drafts left without motivation to complete. FiveYellowMice is working on relieving this problem.
  2. FiveYellowMice's Short Articles
    Secondary blog for posting shorter, more casual contents. It is created to combat the problem of quality creep discussed above, in hope that a seperate blog will make FiveYellowMice become more willing to write contents that are deemed "too low-quality" for its primary blog, in order to retain its writing habit.


FiveYellowMice is currently active in the following social websites:

  1. Mastodon
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram
  4. GitLab and GitHub

FiveYellowMice has accounts on the following websites, but they are not active, or used to be active but have faded their activity:

  1. Pixiv
  2. Medium

When communicating with unfamiliar people, FiveYellowMice prefers using email. Its address can be found here. Its PGP public key can be obtained via key ID 9E50254B.

To send any questions or others messages to FiveYellowMice, an anonymous question box is available.


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Despite have "mice" in its name, FiveYellowMice has an obsession for cats. Internet cat photos and videos, as well as physical cats, are known to produce happy emotions on FiveYellowMice. Moreover, humans wearing cat-featured accessories (e.g. cat ears, cat tails) are also within the range of its obsession. Apart from cats, FiveYellowMice also likes (although not as much) many other types of furry animals, mostly canines, and their anthropomorphic counterparts. For this reason, FiveYellowMice often doubts itself of belonging to the furry community, but it realizes it is not attracted to humans wearing full fursuit and artworks containing anthropomorphic animals as much as it is to humans just wearing cat ears, therefore FiveYellowMice often disagrees to this thought. But according the modern definition "You are a furry as long as you identify as one, your are not as long as you don't", when asked friendly, FiveYellowMice identifies as a furry.

FiveYellowMice suffers from severe procrastination. It has lost opportunities for many achievements, and large amounts of mental health because of the condition. But it still has not learned its lesson yet.